AN-140 VIP was released in 2004 on the basis of AN-140 passenger aircraft, which had its first flight in 1997. The VIP option has been created on the order of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine for air transportation of high-ranking officials. The Ministry of Transport demanded unconventional approaches in order to produce a VIP airplane based the turbo-prop aircraft, expanding on the traditional base. This experience was successfully employed under state contracts on “Aviacor Aircraft Plant” (Samara, Russia). Staff and specialised options of AN-140-100 were developed for Russia’s Air Force, which shaped a market niche for the AN-140 family. 



  • АN-140 and АN-140-100 are the only certified passenger turbo-prop airplanes that are certified in their cargo-passenger options. This aspect was used during the production of AN-140 VIP. This version of the aircraft has 2 salons for the VIP passengers and their entourage. The VIP and first class interiors can be located either in the front of the aircraft (AN-140 registration number UR-14006) or in the back of the aircraft (AN-140 registration number 4K-AZ50);
  • There are no specially designed side- and ceiling panels in AN-140 VIP. Designers at InterAMI-Interior incorporated VIP chairs and special tables into the interior created for the economy class of the original passenger aircraft.  Nevertheless, a comfortable atmosphere was created thanks to he width of the salon and soft panels. The interior design is minimalistic and modest in order to attract modern and ascetic customers;
  • Maximum flying height of AN-140 VIP is 3,700 km;
  • In 2007, AN-140 VIP registration number UR-14007 conducted a Kharkiv-Alborg (Denmark) - Keflavik (Iceland), Narsarsuaq (Greenland) - Gus Bay (Canada) - Yarmouth (Canada) - Bermuda (Bermuda Islands) - Caracas (Venezuela) and return flights upon the invitation of the government of Venezuela. AN-140 VIP demonstrated top-class flight characteristics, fuel efficiency and reliability.


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Ссылка • 2013 Russia’s Defence Ministry AN-140 will be equipped with Italian electronic and radio equipment →

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