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АN-74Т-200А was released in 2004 on the basis of a multipurpose AN-74T-200 aircraft designed in 1997. AN-74T-200A main difference is the use of digital onboard computer BTsVM90 with 2 multifunctional displays - Flight Management System (FMS) designed by “Elektroavtomatika” Design Bureau (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). The aircraft is also equipped with a radar that has 2 coloured displays for two pilots.These and other measures significantly expanded the capabilities of AN-74T-200A according to the modern requirements. Since 2009, modifications of AN-74T-200A are equipped with CN-4312 systems (made by “Orizon-Navigatsiya” (Smela, Ukraine)). Thus, both AN-74T-200A and AN-74TK-300 became first airplanes from the AN-74 family to use digital onboard navigation complex. АN-74Т-200А first flight was on 24 December 2004 (start of aircraft operation was on 29 September 2005 in Egypt).


  • The aircraft received an index of AN-74T-200A in which “A” stands for “Arabic”. It was linked with KSAMC’s victory in a tender announced by the government of Egypt to deliver 3, and eventually 6, aircraft of the Egyptian Air Force in 2003. AN-74T-200A competed with C-27J Spartan (Lockheed Martin (USA), Alenia Aeronautica (Italy)), CASA-295 (CASA (Spain) and Airbus Military (European Union). Consequently, “A” in the airplane’s name was interpreted as “African” and / or “Asian”;
  • AN-74T-200A is equipped with a digital computer made by “Elektroavtomatika” (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), which was designed in 2004 for this type of aircraft. It includes a 32-bit computer BTsVM90 with a productivity rate of 25 million operations per second for R-R operations. RAM – 1 megabyte, ROM – 8 megabytes and a developed interface;
  • Ан-74Т-200А  fits P RNAV requirements with an accuracy of RNP 1, RNP 5 and is authorised to fly to the EU member-states and those countries that admitted Eurocontrol modern criteria;
  • There are 13 different options of how to use AN-74T-200A, particularly to transport military personnel, cargo in pallets, deployment of parachute troopers and cargos of up to 7.5 tons, patrolling as a flying hospital and sanitary aircraft to transport the wounded, or as a passenger and cargo-passenger convertible airplane, as well as a VIP airplane. The aircraft’s flight characteristics enables to use it in all climate zones in temperatures that range from –60 °С to +45 °С, in mountainous areas, as well as land it on soil, sand and snow runways;
  • It is capable to fly on steep trajectories and has a short take-off run. The aircraft has D-36 series 3A engines that fit ICAO requirements in terms of pollution and noise levels.
  • Potential markets for AN-74T-200A sales include countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

AN-74 Venezuela 2007 2

AN-74 presentation in Venezuela (Feb. 2007) Photo: Francisco Javier Gil 

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AN-72B Ukraine National Guard (Jan. 2015) Photo: Eugen Kudinov


AN-74TK-200VIP (reg. number 01) Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

IMG 4473

AN-74 Airport Amderma (Russia, 69°45′48″N 61°33′48″E)

IMG 4466

AN-74ТК-100 UN Mission in Africa (sandy airfield)

Копия IMG 4469

AN-72-100 UN Mission World Food Programme (WFP) in Africa (ground airfield)

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AN-74Т-200 on ground road landing in Africa. Really flying SUV! 

853761 original

AN-74 at the North Pole

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AN-74Т-200 rear cargo ramp

966676 original

AN-74ТK-200 - Bodyguard: anywhere and anytime


AN-74ТK-200 top view (UAE, 2003)

024525 (1)

AN-74TK-200 reg. number UR-74038 during Dubai Airshow 2005’ demo flight (Sergey Ryabtsev 2005)


AN-72P - maritime patrol version of the AN-72 / 74. The concept of co-modification of the Antonov ATSC and  IAI (Israel) (1995)


 AN-74P patrol version, reg. number 32, Government of Equatorial Guinea  ( Oleg Belyakov 2009)


Iranian AN-74T-200 (1999)

an (7) kzdz

AN-72 Angolan Air Force, reg. number S9-BOU (2013)

Египет АН-74 и военные 1

AN-74T-200A Egyptian Air Force (Cairo 2010)

129617 (1)

AN-74Т-100 reg. number UR-74010 Antonov Airlines (Ukraine, Oleg Belyakov 2014)

big-83-578-0000064004 small

AN-74ТK-200 reg. number 19, Air Force of Turkmenistan (2012)


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