АN-74ТК-200S— was designed by KSAMC specialists in accordance with the contract signed in 2003 between the “SpetsTekhnoExport” State External Trade Enterprise (Kiev) and the Government of Libya. The original idea was to create a unique VIP-hospital that would enable to conduct sophisticated medical surgeries and intensive therapy onboard. Deliveries of the cutting-edge medical equipment from the United States and Japan had been planned. According to the plan, AN-74TK-200S should have been equipped with Perfusor Basic Infusion System, Urisus 1100 Urine Analyser, ZOLL MSeries AED Defibrillator, PROPAQ Encore Monitoring System and other parts of state-of-art medical technology. 4 (four) Aircraft Intensive Therapy Units were planned to be there as well. “InterAMI-Interior” created a interior design for AN-74TK-200S in 2005.

The contract oversaw the delivery of 2 AN-74TK-200S to Libya, however, due to the changes that happened in the country in 2011, the contract was not fulfilled. These airplanes were delivered to the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan in ordinary convertible version and without medical equipment in 2011-2012 under the contract with the Ministry.  


  • The aircraft received index AN-74T-200S in which “S” stands for “Sanitary” (Sanitarniy);
  • АN-74ТК-200S was created on the basis of АN-74ТК-200 convertible aircraft, which has a remarkable reputation in Iran and Egypt. The sanitary modification allows to create a VIP-hospital with high-class medical services that can save advantages of using the aircraft on ill-prepared runways in all climate conditions;
  • The aircraft can fly at steep trajectories and has a short take-off run. The aircraft is equipped with D-36 series 3A engines, which fit the requirements of ICAO in terms of noise and pollution levels. Potential markets for AN-74T-200C sales include the EU, countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.


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