AN-74TK-300D was released in 2004 on the basis of a cargo-passenger AN-74TK-300 aircraft released in 2001 when engines of AN-72 / 74 were moved from the top of aircraft wings to another position under the wings. “InterAMI-Interior”, as part of the “InterAMI” corporation, designed a new VIP passenger interior for the aircraft. The Ministry of Transport of Ukraine’s initiative gave the first AN-74TK-300D special registry number that highlighted the fact that Presidents of Ukraine use an aircraft produced in Ukraine. After the aircraft was transferred in 2004 into the ownership of “Ukraine” State Enterprise, it acquired a registry number UR-LDK (L.D. Kuchma) and was later renamed as UR-YVA (Yushchenko V.A.). The number was changed to a neutral UR-AWB in 2012. 


  • The aircraft received index AN-74TK-300D in which “D” stands for “business” (Rus. delovoy) AN-74TK-300D is a light regional transport aircraft of the new generation. It is a result of a thorough modernisation of the original AN-74TK-300. The noise and pollution levels of AN-74TK-300D completely satisfy ICAO requirements;
  • The main idea behind the aircraft was to provide a client to take not only personal belongings but to be surrounded by most enjoyable entourage, as well as to take the owner’s favourite car with him. AN-74TK-300D capability to transport a car of the Passenger №1 makes the aircraft unique among business jets of analogous class; AN-74TK-300D (VIP) has a uniform classical interior and makes a good impression. Interior designers from “InterAMI-Interior” created an environment that visually magnifies a wide aircraft cabin;
  • The front aircraft panel is made from veneer of expensive types of wood; a 18 inch display, audio-system and DVD set are inserted in the panel. On the right-hand side there is a glass cupboard with a set of various glasses. One of the aircraft options also has a luxurious sofa on the left-hand side made from leather of the highest quality. There is also a bar nearby with a selection of the client’s favourite drinks.   The Passenger №1 interior has ergonomic transformable chairs that can take most comfortable position. There is also a table with a adjustable levels;
  • The aircraft’s VIP zone deserves a special attention. Lights that imitate soft daylight are inserted into gaps that divide a two-level ceiling. The top level makes a closed set with ceiling panels, while the lower level creates effect of a starlit sky with a myriad of lights. Passengers can choose light modes depending on their mood and the atmosphere in the salon;
  • Every seat is equipped with cupholders, ashtray and remote control, which allows to change light levels and customise video- and audio-system settings. A thoughtful positioning of a subwoofer and dynamics enables to get the clearest and most sophisticated sound. 
AN-74TK-300D Ukraine

Ukrainian AN-74TK-300D  Photo: Siegi N.


President Petro Poroshenko aboard the An-74TK-300D (UR-AWB) during flight to Kramatorsk (February 11, 2015) Photo:


President Petro Poroshenko before flight to Donetsk region on February 18, 2015. An-74TK-300D aircraft (UR-AWB) behind. Photo:


President Petro Poroshenko working visit to Khmelnytskyi region, March 6, 2015. An-74TK-300D aircraft (UR-AWB) behind. Photo:

1393960 900

Ukrainian AN-74TK-300D, Borispol Airport, 24 May 2015  Photo: KBP Spotting 360°

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Lybian AN-74TK-300D  Photo: Modi Azuri

laosz02 (1)

Laos AN-74TK-300D


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