Created international sales network, signed contracts and agreements on aircraft deliveries, aviation aggregates and appropriate services with organisations based in Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, UAE, Venezuela, Azerbaijan (1997-2007)

Transfer of AN-140 for “UkrTransLeasing” leasing company (Kiev, Ukraine), End-User: “Aeromost-Kharkov”. In the centre: Chairman of the Board of Directors A.D. Yurakov (Kharkiv, 2002)

Signature of the agreement to organise joint enterprise between KSAMC and “Aviakor – aircraft plant” (Samara, Russia) aimed to promote AN-140-100 airplanes under “The international aircraft project (MAP) - 140”. In the centre: Governor of Samara region K.A. Titov, P. Naumenko, General Director of “Aviakor – aircraft plant” G.N. Plotnikov (Moscow, Russia 2003)

Signature of the General Agreement on the delivery and technical support of AN-140-100. From left to right: P. Naumenko, President – General Designer of “Antonov” State Enterprise D.S. Kiva, General Director of “Ilyushin Finance Co.” PLC A.D. Rubtsov, General Director of “Aviakor –aircraft plant” S.K. Likharev, Governor of Samara region K.A. Titov (London, United Kingdom 2006)

During the Coordinating Council session regarding cooperative production of AN-140-100 in Iran with Abbas Fallah, Executive Director of HESA plant (Isfahan, Iran 2004)

Ceremonial transfer of the first AN-74T-200A on Egypt’s Almaza Air Force Base (Cairo, Egypt 2005)

Negotiations in Libya about sales of AN-74 and AN-140 (Tripoli, Libya 2004)

Signature of the agreement with the Minister of Transport of Sudan on delivering AN-140 and AN-74 airplanes (Kharkiv, Ukraine 2005)

Meeting with the Prime Minister of UAE HH Mohmmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum before signing the agreement with UAE on the sale of AN-74T-200A (Dubai, UAE 2005)


Signing the Final agreement on the sale of AN-74 and AN-140-100 of different modifications to Venezuela by Br. General Mauro Hernan Araujo Oviedo, Head of the Ministry of Defence committee (Maracay, Venezuela 2007)

Signature of the contract on the sale of AN-140-100 for AZAL airline (Azerbaijan). From left to right: Minister of Industrial Policy A.L. Neustoyev, P.Naumenko, President of AZAL D.D. Askerov, Vice-President of AZAL S.G. Ilyasov (Baku, Azerbaijan 2004)  

Presentation of AN-74TK-300 and AN-140 airplanes to A. Kwasniewski, President of Poland (Gdynia, Poland 2005)

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