AN-140-100 was first manufactured on Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC) in 2004. After AN-140-100 was released, any effective production of AN-140 stopped and all new airplanes are produced as AN-140-100 modification. AN-140-100 first flight was on 26 April 2004.

AN-140-100 represents the latest developments and changes, which were made to the construction of AN-140, accounting for experience of using first serially produced aircraft. This model is different from the original by increased wingspan by 1 meter and modernised nacelles. In total, more than 200 changes and improvements had been made into the construction and system of the aircraft, hence AN-140-100 became considerably improved its flight characteristics and became much more reliable than its predecessor.


  • High fuel-efficiency – fuel consumption is less  than 600 kg per 1 hour of flight enables to reduce the fuel component of transportation costs;
  • The maximum payload is 6,000 kg, which is the highest in its class and 1 ton more than analogous aircraft of other manufacturers are capable to carry;
  • The maximum flight distance with the maximum number of passengers (52) is 2,340 km;
  • Best flight-landing characteristics in comparison with its competitors: milder requirements to the aircraft runways – capable to take off and land on runways with soil density of up to 6 kg/cm². Great take off and landing characteristics – requires 15-20% less of runway in comparison with analogous aircraft of other manufacturers;
  • AN-140-100 is the only certified passenger turboprop aircraft that can be converted into a cargo-passenger option.

AN-140 first serial aircraft (Kharkiv, 1999)

AN-140 Odessa Airlines (Odessa, 2002)

An-140-100 Ukraine

AN-140-100  Photo: Alex Koval

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AN-140-100  Photo: Alex Shukhov




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