Publication of periodicals: newspaper «Event» Rus. «Sobytie» (1992-2005), scientific and technical journal "General Aviation" (2000)


The newspaper was established in 1934 as a Komsomol publication "Leninska zmina» (Ukr. "Lenin’s shift»). In this newspaper began their literary career such famous Ukrainian writers as Oles Honchar, Mykola NagnibedaRobert Tretyakov and others. From 1991 published with a new name - "Event". The founders of the weekly «Event"  became a  «InterAMI" Corporation and the Staff of the newspaper.


With the editorial staff of the newspaper «Event» (Kharkiv, 1997)


Since 1995 The Scientific and Technical Centre of General Aviation (Kharkiv, Ukraine) has been involved in marketing research and issue a monthly journal - "General Aviation". It is the only journal about general aviation, about flight vehicles of different types: from paragliders to business aircraft in the countries of former Soviet Union. It is clearly explained by the fact that Kharkiv is one of the largest centres of aircraft industry and science in former Soviet Union. 

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